Joseph Giret QC

About Joseph Giret QC

QC Joseph Giret took silk in 2010. A recent description of him following a testing cross examination at Kingston Crown Court in a fraud case was "an iron fist in a velvet glove". He practices both in Civil and Criminal law and is therefore best described as an all rounder having a Common Law practice. He is a highly regarded criminal defence specialist. Of a number of high profile cases he has conducted, a number stand out: the 'Stansted Airport Hijacking' case: the 'Heathrow Airport Liquid Bombs Plot', and the first prosecution of British Army soldiers accused of torturing Iraqi civilians. He practices in most areas of Civil law, Criminal, Sports, and all preparation, presentation and advocacy in Regulatory law and hearings, for the defence and defendants. He is especially interested in Road Traffic Laws and how to promote safety on the roads for all users of highways, working closely with CTC, the national cycling charity. As a keen bicycle rider he is interested in helping in the process of promoting safer road conditions for cyclists. He is, lastly, qualified to accept work from the public directly, and is very experienced in this type of work [The Bar council Direct Public Access scheme]. Direct Public Access client; HMRC and Gill and others: 6th May 2014...."Dear thanks and gratitude for everything you have done.....your help and advice have been instrumental in helping us through this difficult time..Gurdesh"