Joseph Giret QC

Haute Route Day 7: The Final Stage

The last day of the Haute Route and a beautiful sunrise over Aurol, before the start at St Etienne. Very quiet and peaceful. Not even one dog barking. Soon the whirring of chains to herald the arrival of the ‘mind over matter, chain tension wheel turning rubber burning riders who have no fear of gravity or themselves – push push push to the future and an eternal memory of the joy of having climbed the Col’. I do get a little bit poetic, however it speaks the truth. I want this picture to stay in the minds of Parkinson’s people, because it’s the dawn, and each and every dawning day that allows peace and hope to wash through, giving real hope and happiness that there will, one day, very soon, be a cure, and in the interim, to be able to deal with those bad days, and enjoy the good ones. One day at a time. Love,


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