Joseph Giret QC

A Huge Thank You To All Haute Route Cyclists And Supporters

Thank you To Haute Route cyclists

We hope you enjoyed your experience at Haute Route last week, and have many happy memories from the event.

You may have heard fellow cyclist Joseph Giret’s speech in Megeve on the work of the charity, Parkinson’s UK.

We met Joseph yesterday and we’re really proud of him and his achievement.

Parkinson’s UK is a support and research charity. We are striving to find a cure and improve the lives of people who are living with Parkinson’s. One person is diagnosed with Parkinson’s every hour.

We are dependent on donations which allow us to continue with our vital work.

Joseph says: “I have just stepped off my cloud, how about you?

“I wanted to take this opportunity to say “thank you” to the very many of my fellow riders who gave me support after my formal address to you on behalf of Parkinson’s UK. Also, to the huge numbers of riders who patted me on the back during each of the stages out there riding our hearts out, and being rewarded by the finish and the achievement.

“My real goal has been to inspire people with Parkinson’s; to show that their pain is shared, that through the bad days they all have, their courage will lead them to a good day, or a better day, with hope that a cure is coming soon – and it surely is.

“In the fourth point of my speech I asked if you could help my cause by giving, and many of you pledged you would. Can I now appeal directly to those who pledged, and those indeed who didn’t, to give whatever small or large donation you are able to contribute to the charity that I rode for through this beautiful event.”

With thanks and with love, Joseph Giret.

Joseph’s online giving page:

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