Joseph Giret QC

Haute Route Day 7: Arriving In Nice!!!

I have arrived in Nice, down but not out. Thank you so much OC Sports and everyone at Haute Route for giving me the opportunity to showcase Parkinson’s UK, and all its wonderful people: and for allowing me to compete with your wonderful support, and carry Parkinson’s UK’s entire aspirations for its members and all Parkinson’s condition sufferers on my shoulders for seven days up the Highest, Longest, and Hardest cycle race and cyclo-sportive there is – thank you, thank you, and thank you so much once again.

The closing party was amazing up at a place called the castle at a high point in Nice overlooking the bay. However, it was saddened by the terrible news that a rider died yesterday following a crash on a beautiful but treacherous descent through a gorge en route to Nice.  I am picking myself up from the floor, still dragging my feet by the enormity of this sadness. I went to church this morning to say a prayer for him and his family, God bless them all. I write this from a lively and happy coffee bar here, and again, with tears flowing, but for different reasons today. Life goes on,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,goodbye to all my old and all my new friends, and to absent ones……..

Thats all there is to say. Well done to everyone at every level; the yellow jersey winners Peter Poule and Emma Pooley, and every single rider – god bless you all, heroes everyone of you – I am very proud to have had the privelage and opportunity to ride with you all. Thank you a million times over.

With love,

Joseph Giret – Rider # 439

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