Joseph Giret QC

Alpine Challenge Day 4: The Final Stage With Parkinson’s UK

The final day…. Stage four of the Alpine Challenge, and the hardest day of all; well, I made it and really enjoyed it. Got medal, and champagne, and cold swim in Lake Annecy to cool down.

Josep Giret Completes The Alpine Challenge 2012

Col de la Croix Frys was amazing, and of course hard, hard, hard, and I do understand why its on the Tour De France agenda. 10 kilos lighter for next season, definately, and I will be flying, no problem. Thats my goal, and I will achieve it. I will also ride again for Parkinson’s UK, and wear my Parkinson’s UK kit with pride, all the time from now on.

Thank you to everyone who supported me through the season, Magdalena, Jane, Rikki, Laura, Donatella, Nikki Alston, Jo, Parkinson’s UK, John Holbrook, AW Cycles, and lets all hope that I have done enough for Parkinson’s UK, and everyone of its affiliated members, and all of its ‘Parkinson’s people’; I have tried to raise as much money as I could starting with Paris Roubaix this year at Easter, and finishing here in Annecy. I havn’t  succeeded in achieving my target, though its not too late to donate. I have ridden many, many hundreds of kilometres, if not thousands racing, and many, many thousands of kilometres in training. My own personal outlay is irrelevant but considerable and substantial. I built a bike with Rikki’s help (at AW Cycles) especially for the mountain events, and he has bulit countless more for me in connection with my charity and non charity riding. I have blogged, and blogged, and done radio and press interviews galore, hoping to mention people along the way to obtain maximum awareness and publicity for me, Parkinson’s UK and the business’s which have supported me. Times are hard though and this means that people generally are hard pushed to donate. Thanks to all who have. Please give if you can as there’s still time.

Much love, Joseph xxxxxxxxx

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