Joseph Giret QC

Haute Route Day 5: A Fantastic Time Trial And A lot Of Climbing

Today was fantastic!! From the setting of the scene early morning with the Haute Route barriers being set up on the approaching roads, to the comforting and massive police presence. Countdown was really slick, and I was off earlier than expected. Today was painful, controlled pain, but not suffering and torture as with stage two. My legs feel fine, and I managed a personal best time of 1hr 25mins.

Haute Route Stage 4 With Joseph Giret

I am really happy with this because my modest power output of an average of 232 watts for the ride pales massively compared to the elite riders who would have been pushing something like 400+ all the way; and with less weight, the power to weight ratio goes in favour of the skinny guys. Perhaps there should be a “heavyweight champion” category, which I might then win. No chance. One thing that really worried me was puncturing as there was broken glass on the course, but I guess I was lucky. For reasons of delicacy, I will only say that for a day or two I will be riding with two pairs of padded shorts between me and my brand new Brooks saddle. Another big one tomorrow, with around 3700 metres of climbing. Still really very hot. Hope its cooler tomorrow. I actually dreamt it was raining last night, so perhaps the wet weather we’ve all had in Berkshire and the UK is not so bad by comparison after all. Parkinson’s people “rock”.

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