Joseph Giret QC

Instruct Joseph Giret QC

Joseph’s key strengths as a QC include the ability to:

  • communicate sympathetically but with authority to all key players in the proceedings:
  • quickly unravel the important issues in any case:
  • completely devote himself to the job in hand, and,
  • dedicate himself to mastering all of the issues and arguments involved, factual and legal:
  • severely test the case being presented by the person or body ‘prosecuting’ the case, to a successful conclusion:
  • present the client’s case accurately and effectively in order to achieve the best outcome.
  • determine and apply shrewd judgement concerning appropriate tactics, to achieve the best outcome for the client

Instructing Joseph; Privately and through Direct Access

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Please contact Joseph through his clerks in chambers and they will take you through the necessary steps to take. They will be pleased and happy to assist you in this process.

Please otherwise send text, or email to start the process. Joseph is happy to take you through these important first steps

The Direct [Public] Access scheme

Clients can now instruct barristers directly under the Bar Council’s Public Access Scheme. There are some exceptions and prohibitions, but the general rule allows access to qualified barristers in private practice without the involvement of a solicitor. A key advantage to privately funded clients is the reduction of cost and potential inconvenience of having to pay two sets of fees in certain situations.

Direct Access scheme information here.

This approach may not be suitable for some types of case, which can be discussed.

The scope and application of the ‘Direct Access’ scheme [Public Access] in the domain of pure criminal law and related proceedings is extremely limited, and is more suited to other types of litigation and advisory work.